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This is the Deer Creek Regulators
 Cowboy & Sub Gun home page.

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Updated - Oct. 22, 2017  9:30 pm

Sub Gun match date change to OCT. 28, same time, etc.

Weather was really great today! Good play day!

Soggy Peso ya done good!

News from the Deer Creek match and assistant match directors:

Because of SAFETY concerns for our shooters, and ALL of our cowboy action participants, the Henry 1860 rifle (has a spring loaded follower in the loading tube), will no longer be allowed in Deer Creek Regulator COWBOY or SIDE MATCHES!  

There have been MULTIPLE cases of shooters having serious damage to their hand from rounds exploding in the loading tube.  Because of this and the concern for other shooters and LIABILITIES the rifle will not be allowed.

Other cowboy matches in the immediate area that are NOT ALLOWING this rifle is as follows:

Circle R Cowboys at Brookston 
Atlanta Cattle Company at Atlanta
Log Cabin at Wabash
B & B Vigilantes at Wabash
Defiance Roughriders at Defiance, Ohio
Hidden Valley Cowboys at Sturgis, Mich.

Doc Molar Deer Creek match director
Padre PW Deer Creek assistant match director

click for picture of damaged rifle 1            click here for picture of shooters hand

Log Cabin scores:

Mandatory Shooter meeting at 9:50am!  BE THERE!
There will be a match in March!

Dec. 17, 2016:
Scores:  Clean Match: No match - Ice Storm

Jan. 21, 2017:
Scores:   Certificates:   Clean match: Gary O
Feb. 18, 2017:
Scores: Rank  Scores: Total Time    Certificates:   Clean match: Digger & Half Fast Charlie

March 18, 2017:
Scores:     Certificates:     Clean Match:

Picture of napping GRUMPY BEAR in the wild!

Address for AuGlaize Rough Riders web page:  auglaizeroughriders.weebly.com

 Thanks for coming out to play with us!



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